August 28, 2022
Luke 15:1-10 “The Lost
Deuteronomy 6 “Passing On The Blessing “
Luke 16: 19-31 ” A Prayer From Hell, Made Too Late”
Roman’s 8:31-39 “Jesus For Us, and With Us”
Luke 17:11-19 “Where’sThe Nine?”
Reformation Sunday

November 13, 2022
Thanksgiving Eve Service
Week 2 of Advent
Week 3 of Advent
Week 4 of Advent
Christmas Service
New Year Service
The Baptism Of Our Lord
Second Sunday After The Epiphany
Third Sunday After The Epiphany
Fourth Sunday After The Epiphany Hebrew 8:6 ” God Promised Better Days Ahead”
Fifth Sunday After The Epiphany The Light Of The Cross
Sixth Sunday After The Epiphany Teach Us The Gospel Again
The Transfiguration Of Our Lord. Made Even More Certain
Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday
First Sunday In Lent Black History
First Sunday In Lent Black History
March 1, 2023 Blood Money: Asa
Second Sunday In Lent “Cross”Questions This Is The Way
Chronicles of the King Strange Bedfellows:Jehoshaphat
Third Sunday In Lent “Cross” Road The Lord Is Among Us, Giving Living Water
Lenten Midweek 4 Chronicles of the King Cleaning House: Joash
Fourth Sunday In Lent “Cross”Current Discovering What Is Good and Right and True
Lenten Midweek 5 Chronicles of the King Know Thyself: Uzziah
Fifth Sunday In Lent “Cross” Way We Don’t Deserve It
Lenten Midweek 6. Chronicles of the King. Our Last Hope: Josiah
Palm Sunday
Easter Service
April 9, 2023 Sunrise Service
Third Sunday Of Easter Hearts Cut, Burning, and Purified So Live The Deeds!
Fourth Sunday Of Easter The Door and the Shepherd Real World? Real Savior!
Men’s Day Rally April 30, 2023
Fifth Sunday Of Easter Christ Is Our Cornerstone. God’s Newborn, Chosen, Priestly People
Mother’s Day May 14, 2023
John 17:1-11. Jesus Prayed For Me! Seventh Sunday Of Easter/ Suffering and Glory/ An Office Job
The Holy Trinity Bound to the Holy Trinity/Beyond Us, with us, in Us
Second Sunday After Pentecost-Proper 5/Table Grace/ Eating at the table with Jesus

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Third Sunday After Pentecost-Proper /The Father’s Love/ Father’s Day
Fourth Sunday After Pentecost-Proper 7 Hope in the World The Son of Man Comes
Fifth Sunday After Pentecost-Proper 8 /Peace in the World/The Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love
Sixth Sunday After Pentecost-Proper 9
72nd Church Anniversary
Pastor,and Mrs.M Marshall Retirement Celebration
Pastor, and Mrs. Marshall Retirement Celebration Exit from Sanctuary
Tenth Sunday After Pentecost-Proper-13 The Gracious Invitation Grace Not Law Matthew 14:13-21 Where Is Your Faith In God?
Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost-Proper 14 God Rules Roman’s 10: 8-13 Matthew 14:22-33 Let Nothing Shake Your Faith In God!
Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost-Proper 15 For All Peoples God’s Kingdom Is Inclusive Matthew 15:21-28 The Right Kind Of Faith!
Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost-Proper 16 Built On Nothing Less The Rock from Which You Were Hewn Matthew 16:13-20 Know God For Yourself!
Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost-Proper-17 Delight in Difficulty The Good Kind of Head Coaled. Sermon John 4:29 What Is Your Story?
Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost-Proper 18 Merciful Mentoring Ezekiel? Not Me! Grandparent’s Day Sermon- Matthew 18:1-20 Healing Drastically To Sin
Christian Education Sunday The Greatest Gift You Can Give Sermon (Luke 18:15-17) Let The Children Come!
Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost-Proper 20 Instructive Learning My Imprisonment Is for Christ
Lutheran Women In Mission Sunday The King Is Coming
Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost-Proper 22 Christ the Cornerstone Redeemed, Restored, Crowned Genesis 28:18-22 35:1-3 Lord Take Me Back To Bethel!!!
Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost-Proper 23 Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen I’ve Got A Secret 2Corinthians 8:7 The Grace Of Giving
Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost-Proper 24 Render to Caesar and to God Trusting against All Odds Mark 12:41-44 When You Love Enough To Give Your All
Reformation Day God Is the Potter; We Are the Clay The Work Righteousness that Saves Us
ALL SAINTS’ DAY Why Remember Saints? Blessed Are You
TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST-PROPER 28. In the Meantime The End-Time Life, Part 1: A Gospel-Centered Life
THANKSGIVING EVE SERVICE Where Are The Nine? From Giving Thanks to Being Generous
Last Sunday Of The Church Year-Proper 29 First and Foremost The End-Time Life, Part 2: The Orthodox Life
First Sunday In Advent We Are Waiting for His Arrival Waiting for Christ